What goes up…,

7 02 2011

Good early morning or late night to others, however you decide to put it. I’m so excited to finally receive the inspiration to start blogging again. After shutting down my facebook at the beginning of the year. I recently made a choice that I can take my life to higher levels. How u might ask simple… Elevating my Species…. A few of the aspects in elevating my species are to remove dead weight, yes I said it dead weight. Many of us have it, and I am not speaking of the extra pounds that one has after the holidays. I’m speaking of the useless company you may keep, old flings, or bar addicted friends that have neither the courage or willingness to elevate themselves so they try to bring you and everybody including their mother down. This is a new season a new day, this is the year of magic… (no really it is, look it up) it’s time to fly ladies and gentleman, and fly we shall.
I will be posting the next steps towards my elevation, please feel free to join in, I welcome all responses.


Im back

7 02 2011

I would like to thank everyone that has persuaded me to continue writing on the Elevated Species Blog, I guarantee you I will have 2-3 great post every month, and please look forward to some great interviews with millionaires, entrepreneurs, and revolutionaries.
Much love, respect, and Success
– Wally