An Elevated Kingdom

Peace and Blessings,

This blog was created by Mr. Wally Richburg, better known to others as Wall St. I am a non fictional character that has surpassed the natural. I am currently living in the super natural realm of an eclectic kingdom that houses munki’s who fight gravity and turn dreams to reality .  In this kingdom I reign and will continue to reign supreme for thousands of years.  Once you are able to control your mind and enable your dreams to defeat certain forces than you can reign supreme in your own kingdom, but while you are traveling this journey you must be very wise and disciplined, your words and thoughts are a portal to greatness. Please be extremely careful of what you let enter into your mind, you are your own enemy and negative forces are created by the very mind that has created your kingdom.

My kingdom consist of any object or feeling that I may dream of obtaining, whether it is a yacht, private island, maybach, trips to the moon, love, happiness, peace or even owning my own resort.  As you journey in Wally’s Kingdom, I will help you elevate your mind so that you may become a elevated species. One who is mentally able to conjure your thoughts and place them into existence.

     May your dreams come true

               Wally Richburg


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16 06 2008


9 02 2011

Powerful and Inspiring I look forward to reading more!

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