22 10 2009

Ok, I know I know… Its been a while, I’ve actually been doing a little cloud hopping and meeting with some execs from such companies as General Mills, Target, Levis, Vans, and Merril Lynch. It’s very interesting when you have a great product or service the people that you begin to meet, hell just last week I was smoking  a Monte Cristo with Dr.J (Julius Erving)

Well since I’ve been gone, I have been out test driving the new Tesla Roadster and Sedan, they called me out to California to test it out whoa…. I’d like to refer to this as a high powered Duracell  automotive machine.

Check out the roadster which is now available and goes for $100k   and then theres the sedan which I love, it’ll be released in 2012 and goes for $50k.






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