19 03 2009

Who is Ben Bernanke, if you do not know who Mr.Bernanke is you better get up on game. It has been stated that Ben Bernanke is the 4th most powerful person in the world. To put it simply as Mr.Rothschild summed it up a few hundred years ago, “Give Me control of the money and I care not who governs the land”.  This is the role of Mr.Bernanke, he is the chairman of THE FED, or The Federal Reserve.

Mr.Bernanke made a guest  appearance on 60 minutes this pass Sunday basically to instill faith in the U.S. citizens and show the american public that the Fed can be transparent in some ways.  He has also commented on the drama with AIG and there BS bonuses.(speaking of AIG, I believe they are a great buy)

On Tuesday, Mr.Bernanke and the fed  slashed a key interest rate by three-quarters of a point, making it cheaper for banks to borrow. Banks may eventually pass the savings to consumers in the form of lower interest rates for loans, but the interest that consumers earn on savings can also go down.

Wally Richburg

heres the interview




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