Real Estate Doom & Boom

25 07 2008

While most Americans may be feeling the harsh realities of the Real Estate Doom, their is a whole other sector feeling the Real Estate Boom.

Over the next few years you will begin to witness the largest transfer of wealth ever known to man. After the transfer of wealth, where will we live? Not your average $500,000 home in the suburbs, that is absurd. We will be living in the 4 bdrm penthouse in the city, and the 5 resort like mansions spanning Malibu to Dubai.

And what better company to satisfy our real estate needs than Sotheby’s.

If you do not gross over $260,000 a year, chances are you do not need the services of Sotheby’s, But for those like my friends and I, we do. May I elevate your mind on how Sotheby’s became to be the wealthy’s realty of choice.

Since the founding of the Sotheby’s auction house in 1744, the Sotheby’s name has earned renown as a marketer for many of the world’s most valuable and prestigious possessions. The Sotheby’s International Realty® organization began in 1976, in part to serve clients desiring a complete package of estate disposition services, and soon became known for representing extraordinary luxury real estate throughout the world.

Sotheby’s not only control sales of todays most prestigous homes of yesterday and today, but they also control the auction house market.

for an overall scope of Sotheby’s go to




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