Mental Marathon

21 07 2008

Ok, this whole week I’ve been on some mental workout. I have been playing games with my mind and daring my mind to do things that I normally will not do, and guess what I’m up 5-2. I have been daring myself to do such things as depost $200,000 in Indymac bank. ( Heck No) Just josh’n, I have been daring myself to start visualizing a new company and not only visualizing but taking small steps in the development of this company.

These days are definitely the days that will make you ultra rich, or ultra poor. You must decide honestly what you want to do and become in these years to come.

So my challenge to you my friend is whatever your dream is, take a out of the box approach towards making your dream reality. ie.. One of my dream’s is to celebrate New Years Eve in Japan, Dubai, New York, and LA. This week I am going to call and find out what the total cost is to lease a Gulfstream V. By doing this I am not only challenging myself, but most importantly I am taking the initiative to accomplish my dream, and the frightening part about this is, once your mind knows that it can actually make an idea materialize, it will do anything in its power to make it happen.




One response

21 07 2008
Planetary Traveler

Good thought…we create our realities everyday!

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