18 07 2008

I spoke with a friend today about the essence of a entrepreneur,  and why it takes a different type of individual to be able to take a risk in being an entrepreneur. It was a weird conversation for me, he reminded me of myself a few years back, Anxious to become wealthy (wealthy is when money meets wisdom) I explained to him that you need to frequently converse with entrepreneurs,  someone that can lift your spirits up and vice versa; It is definitely a roller coaster ride, but the reward is more like a spaceship ride

For Years I thought the  Ferrari that I kept in my garage would make me happy (I trade in the current model for next years model every June) But that wasn’t happiness, honestly the happiest times in my life were when I was some where ducked off in the books, plotting my latest takeover. Every year I test myself by what is the illest car that I can purchase, most exotic home that I can build,  or how can I buy out my competitor for 37% less than what his company is worth. (speaking of worth, KNOW your WORTH.

It wasn’t the purchasing of the car that made me happy, nor was it the fact that I could bring my competitors shamelessly to their knees. NO, what actually made me happy was the fact that whatever I decided to do,  I actually did it, and done it well. This is A gift, not everyone has the knowledge and wisdom to expand their thinking outside the narrow scope of your daily affairs.  Your brain probably has memorized your systematic day, so its naturally not working, its RECITING.

Your brain really works when you test yourself everyday, and that’s what an entrpreneur DOES.




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19 07 2008
Planetary Traveler

Righteous words…

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